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Article: How to remove wax from your candle jar

How to remove wax from your candle jar

Sustainability in glassblowing comes from longevity of use. It’s an unavoidably hot process and – however you go about it – it inevitably uses a lot of energy. A large proportion of hand poured candles are contained in glass, so what you do with that glass jar once your scented candles is finished should be a serious consideration for anyone who is looking for a more environmentally conscious way of consuming luxury homeware.

The Glass Studio’s unique fragranced candles are particularly apt for repurposing. Add them to your glassware collection, use them as unique makeup brush containers or even pop your toothbrush in it.

Here's a step-by-step guide to cleaning out the wax from a scented candle container so that it can be reused:

  • Grab the used candle, a butter knife or spoon, paper towels or soft towel, hot water, dish soap and a sponge or soft cloth
  • Make sure the candle has cooled enough before attempting to remove it to prevent burns or spills
  • Remove any leftover wax from the candle jar with the butter knife or spoon, gently scraping it out. Start from the edges and work your way towards the centre. Be careful not to scratch or damage the glassware
  • Discard the wax in an appropriate manner. You can wrap it in a paper towel and throw it in the bin but make sure you don’t pour melted wax down the sink
  • Clean the container by filling it with warm water and a small amount of dish soap. Allow the container to soak for a few minutes to loosen any remaining wax residue
  • Clean inside the glass with a soft cloth, paying extra attention to any wax residue or stubborn spots. If necessary, you can also use a silicone spatula or your fingers to gently scrape away any remaining wax
  • Once you’ve scrubbed away the wax residue, rinse thoroughly with hot water to remove any remaining soap
  • Dry your empty glassware with paper towels or a soft cloth


Et Voila!


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