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Article: Styling your handblown bud vase

Styling your handblown bud vase

Styling your handblown bud vase

Bud vases can be a perfect way to punctuate an area where space is tight or fuller blooms and large vases might not work.

Colourful or handblown vases and don’t always need elaborate flowers to make them pop. Instead, consider adding fragrant herbs or foliage to style your bud vase.

Choosing a bud vase

If you are going for more muted floral tones or opting for foliage, offset the natural leaves with intriguing pops of colour. Consider a unique handblown bud vase that will make a statement, or a colourful statement vase that will draw the eye in. It should be small enough to hold a few stems of herbs or foliage, but large enough to make an impact.

Select your herbs and foliage

Choose a variety of textures and shapes to add interest to your arrangement. Some great options include lavender, rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus, mint and sage. You can also add smaller flowers like chamomile, daisies or violas for a pop of colour and additional texture.

Preparing your stems

Make sure you remove and leaves that would be below the waterline and always cut stems at an angle to ensure they can absorb water easily. If stems are woody or tough, use the back of a spoon to gently crush the end of the stem and help with water absorption.

Creating an arrangement

Start with a few of your largest stems of foliage and add smaller stems and sprigs of herbs around the core stems to give balance. Keep in mind the different textures and shapes to create a dynamic arrangement but don’t over think it. Perfection isn’t the end goal here and your bud vase doesn’t need to look overly put together.

The finishing touches

Once you are happy with the arrangement, half fill the bud vase with water and place wherever you like. Fragrant herbs can work well in high airflow areas, which helps their fragrance to circulate. Foliage and stem-based arrangements are perfect when dotted down the centre of a casual lunch table. But again, there’s no need to over think it.

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